Our Eyes are One of Our Most Amazing Assets

Dear Dr. Gallemore,


I wanted to express my most sincere appreciation and thanks to you and your staff for the prompt and professional care I recently received for my detached retina. As you well know, my condition was urgent and I was treated immediately despite my insurance initialy denying authorization. As fate would have it that day, by chance I had an optomitrist appointment booked that day that my retina was detaching.
Dr. Flemming was fantastic and realized my urgency and called your office right away.

As a professional mountain and ski guide, I work with very high end cliental that recognize professionalism and what that term entails. The resort I work at caters to some of the wealthiest people in the world so I aim to be the best of the best. I’ve observed that with you and your drive for excellence in the admirable career you’ve chosen.

Our eyes are one of our most amazing assets and the thought of partial or full vision loss would be terrifying. I’m sure you deal with it everyday and it must be difficult.

With my chosen career, I have been blessed to see sights very few could experience. So with your care that I received, I can continue to live and appreciate those images even more now. Keep the amazing work and thank you again!

– Robert Rankin, Chief Avalanche Forecaster and Senior Lead Guide, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, Blue River, BC, Canada