Our History

How It All Started…

The Retina Macula Institute was founded by Dr. Ron P. Gallemore, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally recognized figure in the retina world.

He began his career at UCLA where he founded a research laboratory for the study of retinal function. He then trained in retina surgery at Duke University where he served as faculty and trained under Dr. Robert Machemer, the father of modern vitreo retinal surgery.

In 1997 Dr. Gallemore joined the prestigious Retina Vitreous Associated Medical Group in Los Angeles where he became a principle investigator in clinical studies. After a decade in practice and being made full partner, Dr. Gallemore decided in 2007 to pursue his dream of founding his own Institute – an institute with a vision.

Our Vision

The vision was to create a center that was committed to treating the most advanced and complex retinal disorders, combined with a research center devoted to the development of cutting edge therapies. We saw the promise in advancing the field and providing hope for patients with no other treatment options.

Now One Of The Leading Institutes In The Country

Once a dream, our Institute is now a fully equipped state-of-the-art center, considered one of the top institutes in the country for vitreo-retinal research and patient care.

At the Retina Macula Institute, we make superior services and quality patient care our #1 priority.