Our Front Office

On the Front Line

Our front office team consists of staff members who are highly committed to superior quality care with your comfort in mind. From the moment you walk into our Institute, our warm relaxing environment is sure to put you at ease.

Thanks to our advanced Electronic Medical Record System we are able to verify patient’s insurance coverage prior to your appointment and incorporate any past medical records into your electronic chart. For your initial visit we ask that you bring Health Insurance cards, photo- ID, a list of your current medications, consult request form (from your referring doctor), and a companion to drive you home after your exam.

The Retina Macula Institute places a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction. Not only are we open late, but we are one of the few offices that accept weekend appointments. Our front office team understands that dealing with potentially blinding diseases can be overwhelming for our patients and we are skilled in the identification of truly urgent medical matters. Thus, we will accommodate you with a last minute appointment if the need arises.

Whether you have a transportation issue, insurance question, or request to show the Lakers game on one of our flat screen TVs, the front office staff is here to meet any of your special needs.

At the end of your visit we will make sure you receive a reminder appointment card, as well as any informational handouts and prescriptions, related to your care. Immediately thereafter, a detailed report is generated and forwarded to your referring doctor, in order to keep him/her up-to-date regarding your progress.