Back Office


Meet our Back Office Staff

Behind every great doctor is a support staff that exceeds expectations.

Our friendly team in the back office consists of the finest highly trained professionals.

Every member of the Retina Macula Institute completes basic training in the anatomy of the eye as well as specialized training in both Ophthalmology and retinal disorders. Our commitment to ongoing education provides us with a level of expertise unmatched by any other Retina practice in California.

Each member of our back office collaborates with every patient to ensure that all their needs, concerns and triage symptoms, are promptly addressed. They go the extra mile to help patients understand the details of the treatment plan and what to expect throughout its course. They also provide appropriate educational materials to patients and their families.

After being checked-in by one of our front desk receptionists, you will have a comprehensive work-up done by one of our expertly trained technicians. They will take a comprehensive medical history, measure visual acuity and check eye pressure; they will then administer drops for pupil dilation so that our doctors can evaluate the back of the eye. While your eyes dilate, you can enjoy some of our accommodations, to help ease any stress.

We are famous for pampering our patients with accommodations and refreshments. Coffee, tea, juice and cookies are offered in a comfortable and relaxed waiting area, where you can enjoy our Flat screen TV, playing both cable and movies.

After the physician completes the evaluation a plan gets started and the doctors explain all the patients’ options to the patients.

After the physician completes the evaluation a plan is put into place and the doctors explain to the patients their treatment options. Additional testing or treatment, such as Fluorescein Angiography and OCT may be indicated upon completion of the evaluation with one of RMI doctors.

Our back office department offers a wide array of services using the most sophisticated and latest technology for the diagnosis and treatment of retinal disease — all under one roof. These services allow us to perform most of the test on the same day. Our back office department understands that dealing with potentially blinding diseases can be overwhelming for our patients. In conjunction with our doctors, they are skilled in identifying and monitoring your progression through follow-up visits and ensuring a swift recovery.

RMI’s back office department has gained international recognition, within the industry, for excellence in patient care, with mentions in Retina Today magazine, regarding our clinical research development program. We have been praised by some of the top pharmaceutical companies and are highly respected by our peers.

The main goal of our technicians is to establish a positive rapport with each patient. They believe that, by providing individualized treatment and encouraging patients to take an active role in recovery, the patients will enjoy quicker results and a better quality of life.