Photography Department

Imaging the Eye can be Tricky Business.

The trained professionals in our Photo Department leverage the latest in imaging technology to provide your doctor with the best diagnostic tools available.

At the Retina Macula Institute our Photography Department has been recognized nationwide as a leader in the field of angiography.

Our team of angiographers has gone through rigorous training programs and certifications and has achieved a wide range of awards and recognitions across the country. Our team of angiographers are not only highly educated, having graduated from some of the top universities in the state of California, but they go above and beyond the line of duty to make sure your testing photography experience is a pleasant one.

Our Photography department is fully equipped with the latest digital imaging technology allowing us to perform high definition Ocular Coherence Tomography, Fluorescein Angiography, and Indocyanine Green Angiography.

Directly following the test, the results will be available for real-time review with the patient. These results will provide a foundation upon which a treatment plan will be developed and set into action, on the same day. Patients will enjoy our unique photographic technology, which allows them to participate in their own care. We accommodate to the visual abilities of our patients by showing them their diagnosis on a large flat screen TV, thus allowing them to be an informed member of the decision-making process. Advanced photography is one of the many ways that we go the extra mile at the Retina Macula Institute.