Sonia Ruiz


Sonia Ruiz is the first friendly face to greet you when you come to the office. In the past, Sonia worked as an office receptionist and as a back office technician. She is currently the Front office Manager at RMI.

The physicians and the rest of the management team rely on her for professional input, guidance, and advice. She always listens with an ear toward team improvement and harmony. She brings energy, knowledge, and a good sense of humor to the office, not to mention some really great treats.

Sonia has been in the Medical field for more than 20 years. She has attended a number of accredited courses in ophthalmology, enhancing her skills and furthering her knowledge of the field.

Sonia’s hands-on job experience and career training, in a wide variety of diseases, have given her the leadership traits and expertise necessary for successful team management. Under her guidance, the front office staff is committed to making sure you connect with the person best suited to meet your needs. She answers hundreds of questions each week and I’ll bet she can answer yours.